A multi-genre RPG focused on worldbuilding and storytelling.

Welcome to Other Worlds!

Other Worlds is a rules-light storygame that focuses on group worldbuilding, genre emulation, and character issues.

You spend the first session brainstorming up the setting and building the characters. PCs in Other Worlds tend to be very detailed, with a strong emphasis on their goals, flaws, personality traits, and relationships, as well as the innate tension between their cultural and professional baggage and their own sense of individuality. Then when you start playing there are ways for players to add new details to the setting and gain new abilities for their characters as a result. So the characters and the setting have kind of a symbiotic relationship with each other.

Mechanically Other Worlds uses a fairly straightforward method of conflict resolution, with a single opposed roll handling most situations quickly and easily. Each conflict roll either gives a flaw to the loser or a temporary ability to the winner, so characters change and grow as the game progresses. Players can also use Spotlight Points to raise the stakes of a conflict or give their character more screen time in it, and there is a more detailed Set Pieces system to handle the really important conflicts of a story.

The book itself also contains loads of play examples and character templates, six illustrated campaign outlines, an extensive GM advice chapter, a detailed guide to adapting Other Worlds to different genres and settings, and quick-start genre snapshots for six different genres – fantasy, horror, pirates, space opera, superheroes, and the wild west.

Finally, we’ve got a wonderfully clean and elegant layout courtesy of Fred Hicks, and lots of beautiful pencil sketches courtesy of Storn Cook.

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