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Art preview 2 – Viking Saga



And one more art preview… this is Viking Saga, probably one of my favourite pieces from the book. It forms the basis of one of our six ‘campaign concept’ pages – each one contains a large picture, a synopsis of the campaign, and some notes on how to play that campaign out yourself (character types, power level, adventure seeds, etc).

One response

  1. By the way, the other campaign concepts are The Infected (WW2 zombie apocalypse), The Silver Age (1960s superheroes), Robots of the Third Empire (thinly veiled transformers), Jupiter Crash (space opera/disaster movie), and Samurai Hengeyokai (saturday morning cartoon-style wuxia).

    The art for all six is in now and they look great!

    December 4, 2011 at 7:11 pm

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