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Free Preview Edition Available!

For those who haven’t picked Other Worlds up yet, but want to know what all the cool kids are talking about, I’ve just released a free preview edition on DriveThru RPG.

Here’s a link

It contains the full introduction chapter, a rules summary, character sheets, and an art preview.

Get it today!

Download: Form-Fillable Character Sheet

Courtesy of DT Butchino, here is a version of the character sheet that you can type on and print out.


Worldbuilding thread

There’s an interesting thread going on at rpg.net right now about potential campaign ideas – a lot of the suggestions so far seem to have a fantasy/historical theme, but that could all change as things progress. Come and join in with your own ideas!

Link here

Print version update

Just got word from RPGNow, Other Worlds has now been fully processed by their artificially intelligent supercomputer deep in the bowels of CERN and proofs of both the softcover and hardcover versions are in the post!

Remember that anyone who buys the PDF now will get a $14.99 discount voucher off the print version when it’s released in maybe a week’s time.

Discussion thread on rpg.net

Hey, this is just to let you know that an Other Worlds discussion thread has started on rpg.net. Please feel free to come along and add your views or ask some questions.

Here’s a link.

Other Worlds Released!

I’m pleased to announce that the Other Worlds PDF is now available from RPGNow, price $14.99. It’s 210 pages of rules-light multi-genre awesomeness, with art by Storn Cook and layout by Fred Hicks. What more could you ask for?

The link is here

The print editions will be available shortly. You’ll be able to buy it in softcover for $29.99 or hardcover for $44.99. Both print versions come with the PDF version as well, free of charge.

When the printed versions become available, I’ll email everyone that bought the PDF a $14.99 discount voucher. So you can upgrade to either of the print versions without spending any more money than you would have otherwise.  Make sure you tick the box on RPGNow that lets publishers email you if you think you might want to do this!


Other Worlds is a roleplaying game of heroic action and adventure for any genre. The game is driven by description: descriptions of characters, details of actions, and dramatic visualisations. Numbers and dice rolls are secondary to the action; in fact, you will find that in Other Worlds the rules serve to emphasise the story and increase the drama rather than getting in their way. This book contains the following material:

  • A comprehensive worldbuilding procedure that the whole group gets to take part in
  • Over 100 ready-to-use character templates, from assassins to xenoarchaeologists and everything else in between
  • Detailed guidelines on creating your own cultural archetypes, professions, trademark powers, supporting characters, and adventure locations
  • A simple, elegant conflict resolution procedure that can handle any situation
  • Turn-based set piece rules to handle the more important conflicts of your story
  • A wealth of practical advice on how to get the most out of play, based on real experience at the games table
  • Quick-start genre packages for fantasy, horror, pirates, science fiction, superheroes, and the wild west
Available now from DriveThruRPG in any of three formats: PDF, softcover, or luxurious hardcover!
Other Worlds is a trademark of Mark Humphreys. Copyright Mark Humphreys 2011. All rights reserved.