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Archive for February, 2012

Use those discount vouchers!

Hi, I just wanted to remind those of you who bought the PDF that those discount vouchers expire in a week’s time. So if you want to upgrade your PDF to a print copy at a bargain price – and who wouldn’t? – it might be a good idea to get a wriggle on.




SAN loss and other weird conflicts

Hey, I just started a new discussion on rpg.net about using Other Worlds to run Call of Cthulhu-style SAN loss situations, as well as other unusual types of conflict. How have you guys handled this stuff? Are there any conflict types you are struggling with?


Interesting article about the worldbuilding process

Here is an interesting article about the worldbuilding process in Other Worlds, comparing it to other, similar games. Check it out!

Print Version Now Available!

This is just to let everyone know that the print version of Other Worlds is now available. The softcover + PDF bundle is $29.99 and the hardcover + PDF bundle is $44.99, but those of you who have already bought the PDF should have just received an email with a $15 discount voucher so you can upgrade at no additional cost.

Link to purchase page