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November Sale Part 2

Hey, just to let you know that Lulu are running are 30% discount for anyone using the code REDEMPTIO (if you’re in the UK) or DELIRITAS (if you’re in the US).

You can pick up either the PDF or the softcover of Other Worlds over at Lulu here:


(Anyone that follows the link and buys the softcover, get in touch and I’ll email you the PDF too free of charge)

November Sale

It’s been nearly a whole year since Other Worlds was first published! To celebrate, I’m running a sale at DriveThruRPG: $5 off all versions for the month of November. So if you’ve been considering a purchase, here’s a chance to grab it at a discounted price:

  • PDF $9.99
  • Softcover and free PDF $24.99
  • Hardcover and free PDF $39.99


Link to the DriveThruRPG webstore