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Operative Training

Hi, am not dead, apologies for the radio silence! I have been thinking a lot about Other Worlds recently and when I re-watched The Bourne Identity I felt inspired to create a Treadstone-style trademark template. So here it is, an espionage/assassin type based around situational awareness rather than brute force.


Sanctioned Operative Training


General Abilities:       Identify Escape Route

Improvise Weapon

Infiltrate Compound

Lightning Reflexes


Photographic Memory

Sense Opportunity

Target Weak Point


Personality Traits:     Compartmentalise Feelings

Hyper Focused

I Don’t Make Mistakes



Relationships             [to civilian helper]

[to contact]

[to handler]

[to target]



Flaw:                          No Memory of Previous Life


So what do you think? Has anyone tried to run an espionage/technothriller Other Worlds campaign yet?