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Discount codes sent out

Hi, I have now sent out $14.99 discount codes by email to everyone who bought the Superluminary PDF, so that you can update to a softcover or hardcover without having to re-buy the PDF. To get the discount you need to be logged in to your DTRPG account and THEN click on the link in the email. If you didn’t get an email, it’s either because it’s been filtered into your spam folder or it’s because you have told DTRPG not to email you at all. In either case just contact me and I will send the code to you directly. Please let me know if there are any problems. Thanks, Mark.




Realspace Version Released!

Superluminary is now available in carbon format as well as just electrons – head on over to DTRPG to get your copy! I have had the proofs back and both the hardback and the softcover look great. Discount vouchers for those who already have the PDF will follow over the next few days to allow you to upgrade without re-buying the PDF.


At long last… Superluminary is here!


Click link to buy

Superluminary is 144 pages of pure space opera awesomeness for the Other Worlds system, with art by Storn Cook and layout by Ruben Smith-Zempel. Contains over 200 character templates, random encounter tables, random trait tables, detailed worldbuilding advice, and more!

Available now in PDF for $14.99 at DriveThruRPG. Softcover and hardcover versions will follow early in the new year, at which point I’ll send a $14.99 discount voucher to everyone who has bought the PDF so you can upgrade your copy from electrons to carbon at no extra cost.

There’s also a free preview PDF of the book available here, so you can try before you buy: Link

And finally, to celebrate the release of this long-awaited book, the Other Worlds corebook PDF will be slashed down to $10 until the end of December. Buy two copies!


Red alert! Red alert!

Our sensors have picked up an immense energy spike from the Pericles Rift. Something is coming through. Whatever it is it’s big, it’s alien, and it’s on an attack vector coming straight for us. May the lord have mercy on our souls. Fire up the main batteries! All energy to the shields! Man the lifeboats!


This is not a drill. I repeat, this is not a drill.



Operative Training

Hi, am not dead, apologies for the radio silence! I have been thinking a lot about Other Worlds recently and when I re-watched The Bourne Identity I felt inspired to create a Treadstone-style trademark template. So here it is, an espionage/assassin type based around situational awareness rather than brute force.


Sanctioned Operative Training


General Abilities:       Identify Escape Route

Improvise Weapon

Infiltrate Compound

Lightning Reflexes


Photographic Memory

Sense Opportunity

Target Weak Point


Personality Traits:     Compartmentalise Feelings

Hyper Focused

I Don’t Make Mistakes



Relationships             [to civilian helper]

[to contact]

[to handler]

[to target]



Flaw:                          No Memory of Previous Life


So what do you think? Has anyone tried to run an espionage/technothriller Other Worlds campaign yet?

Upgrade Your Copy!

If anyone has the PDF and wants to upgrade to a hardcopy, let me know your OBS user ID and whether you want the hardcover or the softcover, and I will set you up with a $14.99 discount.
If anyone has a book but not a PDF, because you bought it in a shop or on ebay or whatever, let me know your details and where you bought it and I will send you the PDF free.

STARFIGHTER is coming…

Hey so remember that vapourware space opera supplement I was working on once upon a time called Starfighter? Well, I just got the manuscript back from the editor. Kickstarter, art, and layout are next on the list. Start watching the skies!