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Other Worlds Released!

I’m pleased to announce that the Other Worlds PDF is now available from RPGNow, price $14.99. It’s 210 pages of rules-light multi-genre awesomeness, with art by Storn Cook and layout by Fred Hicks. What more could you ask for?

The link is here

The print editions will be available shortly. You’ll be able to buy it in softcover for $29.99 or hardcover for $44.99. Both print versions come with the PDF version as well, free of charge.

When the printed versions become available, I’ll email everyone that bought the PDF a $14.99 discount voucher. So you can upgrade to either of the print versions without spending any more money than you would have otherwise.  Make sure you tick the box on RPGNow that lets publishers email you if you think you might want to do this!